About the Product

Guaranteeing that your services are up and running is vital to the operation of any business. Luckily that can be accomplished easily with the help of the Applicata JN Test Suite Platform. This app demonstration how to automate the testing of any RestComm voice application.

Applicata JN Test Suite is an open and flexible platform for prototyping, automated testing, and monitoring of services in GSM and IMS networks. JN Test Suite features easy test logic creation and modification by utilizing flexible XML scripts.

The Voice Test Probe app for Restcomm is complemented by:

  1. A corresponding JNTS app (JNTS_Voice_Test_Probe), which can be downloaded at checkout.
  2. An XML definition file (Voice_Test_Definition.xml) with the input data for the provided test that is also deployed on the JN Test Suite Server. You can download the  XML test definition file at checkout.

Both the Restcomm Voice Test Probe and the JNTS app have to be activated and connected in order for the automated test case to function properly. You can learn more about the setup and usage procedure in the instruction tabs below.

JN Test Suite is essential for this demonstration, and as such, you are provided access to the JN Test Suite Server, with instructions on how to get credentials in the tabs below. The provided test is started though JN Test Suite and a call scenario is executed between the test playing the originating party and a sample RestComm voice application playing the terminating party. The result, either a success or a fail, is then recorded by the test in JN Test Suite. This scenario can be used for either functionality testing during the development of a RestComm based service, or for monitoring a RestComm based service deployed in production.

With access to the JN Test Suite server you can easily modify the provided test package to create a slightly different test, or you can even create your own completely new test, as test logic creation and modification is very easy to learn to and put to use. Test Suite Voice Test is mainly for demonstration purposes and comes with access to a JN Test Suite server equipped with SIP protocol only.

In recent news, the JN Test Suite, an already successful testing platform, has once again proven itself in action just days prior to the 2015 Mobile World Congress by using the Test Suite Voice Test to find two bugs in the RestComm Service that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. You can read the details here: http://bit.ly/1aaNhUY

Voice Test Probe will be free to try out and use for 14 days. To learn more about the JN Test Suite and its capabilities or how to make use of the full range of protocols supported (ISUP; MAP; INAP CS1+; CAMEL 1,2,3,4; SIP; DIAMETER) please visit http://applicata.bg/jnts.html or contact Applicata (office@applicata.bg

To setup the Test Suite Voice Test please follow the instructions below.

  • After your purchase, you will receive an email with your download link Click on the link to download the app to your local computer. Extract the archive.
  • Go to the management console of your Restcomm instance http://IP_ADDRESS:8080/restcomm-management In the menu, click on the tab. Restcomm Apps Drag and drop the RestComm_Voice_Test.zip file to the Restcomm Apps window Your application will appear in the list of available apps.
  • Click on the Configure link on application right side to configure your app. Then click Apply configuration
  • Go to Numbers tab on main menu and click +Register Number. Select the SIP Number tab and type a number. Then click on Register number button
  • On the next screen in the Voice section for Voice Request URL click on the dropdown button on right side and click on Test Suite Voice Test. Click on the Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen.

  • Request credentials by sending e-mail to jnts@applicata.bg
  • Extract the JNTS app from the zip file link provided at checkout.
  • Edit the input  XML test description file and replace the following data fields that correspond to your RestComm instance:
  • sip_username -> alice;
  • sip_password -> your AMI Instance ID;
  • restcomm_ip -> your AMI Public IP;
  • restcomm_port -> 5080;
  • b_party_number -> registered number for Test Suite Voice Test RestComm application (previous tab);
  • Log in on JN Test Suite server with the received credentials.
  • Click on New Test → Load Definiton → Select JNTS_Voice_Test.zip → Click Save → Click OK
  • Click Upload Persistent Input Data → Select your modifiend VoiceTest_input_data.xml file


  • From the main menu of the JN Test Suite server click on Defined Tests
  • Click on the Start Button next to Voice Test test name
  • Click the input data green button
  • Click Start → Click OK


  • From the main menu of the JN Test Suite server click on Tests Results
  • If your test does not appear on the list, wait a bit for it to finish and press refresh.
  • Click on the specific test and then click on the specific script instance to see more details about it