About the Product

Smart Dispatch is an intelligent click-to-call for webpages that directs the call to the appropriate sales agent based on context. When the call is over, the information gathered from the call is forwarded to the agent’s email/sms along with a link to the voice recording of the call.

How is the information about the caller retrieved? In order to place the call, the client has to log in with LinkedIn and the information on profile is used as the context and sent over the email and sms when the call is over.

How is the call properly dispatched? The management platform that you can develop enables the companies embedding the click to call to link their agents to a particular segment pulled from LinkedIn. For example, if the user calling in has ‘Spanish’ as a language (on its LinkedIn profile), then the agent linked to the ‘Spanish’ segment will receive the call. This can be done for country, industry, or even particular companies (for account managers that want to receive calls only from their customers.)

Installation Instructions:

You can also check out Sacha Nacar’s Smart Dispatch tutorials in Telestax.com: