About the Product

As an attorney at law, you are constantly communicating with clients, staff, and peers. Your day is constantly interrupted by phone calls and meetings, hallway conversations and messages that unexpectedly demand your attention and distracted you from the task at-hand.

It is hard to track all of the phone calls that you are making and the information you are receiving meanwhile. Because your day has so many hours in it, a handful of small interruptions can rob you of the time you need to achieve your goals. More than this, they can break your focus, meaning that you have to spend time re-engaging with the thought processes needed to successfully complete complex work.

Lawyer Office IVR is designed to keep track of your calls and make them searchable from all company members. It allows clients to interact with a voice response system. When the client calls the law firm, he is told that the conversation will be recorded. The recorded conversation can have metadata so that the law firm can search (recorded messages) based on specific keywords. The app is integrated with Clarify API in order to use extended features.


  • RestComm 7.2.2
  • Clarify.io active account
  • Created application in Clarify.io and application API key
  • After your purchase, you will receive an email with your download link
  • Click on the link to download the app to your local computer.
  • Go to the management console of your Restcomm instance http://IP_ADDRESS:8080/restcomm-management
  • In the menu, click on the tab. Restcomm Apps
  • Drag and drop the downloaded app file to the Restcomm Apps window
  • Your application will appear in the list of available apps. See screenshot below
  • Click on the Configure link to configure your app


To proceed with the configuration, you will need to enter the application parameters. Follow the steps below

  • In the Lawyer Office IVR configuration window, fill out all the required fields
  • Click on the Apply Configuration button to validate your entry
  • The configuration window is similar to the screenshot below

lawyer office conf

In order to ensure that your Lawyer Office IVR application is properly configured and that is is working, you will need to attach a number to your app.

  • Go to the Restcomm management window http://AP_ADDRESS:8080/restcomm-management
  • In the dashboard, click on the menu Numbers.
  • Click on the button +Register Number.
  • Click on the tab, Provider Number.
  • In the Country field, choose United States,
  • In the Area Code field, choose the desired area code.
  • In the drop down Any Capabilities field choose, Voice.
  • Press the button, Search Numbers
  • In the list of numbers, choose the desired number by pressing the button, Register Number
  • In the Friendly Name field enter a description “Lawyer Office IVR number”.
  • Press the Register button.
  • In the Pop-up window, validate your entry by pressing the Register button.
  • In the Voice Request URL field click on the button to reveal the list of available apps. Select Lawyer Office IVR.
  • Press the button Save Changes.
  • The newly registered number will now be available to use.


  • Use your regular phone or any SIP phone (e.g. Linphone).
  • Make a call to the Currency Converter app by dialing YOUR_REGISTERED_NUMBER (or with a SIP phone YOUR_REGISTERED_NUMBER@RESTCOMM_INSTANCE_IP_ADDRESS:5080)
  • Follow the instruction in the IVR.