About the Product

When a medical emergency arises, getting the appropriate physician involved as soon as possible can be a matter of life or death. This application is designed with that scenario in mind. When an emergency call comes through, the automated IVR system will direct the call to the appropriate medical specialist based on the option chosen. This is a great asset for any doctor’s practice and it will also reduce the workload of the receptionist. Finally, the application also allows patients to make an appointment even outside of opening hours.  

  • After your purchase, you will receive an email with your download link
  • Click on the link to download the app to your local computer.
  • Go to the management console of your Restcomm instance http://IP_ADDRESS:8080/restcomm-management
  • In the menu, click on the tab. Restcomm Apps
  • Drag and drop the downloaded app file to the Restcomm Apps window
  • Your application will appear in the list of available apps. See screenshot below
  • Click on the Configure link to configure your app

Emergency Clinic IVR configuration

To proceed with the configuration , you will need to enter the application parameters. Follow the steps below
  • In the Emergency Clinic IVR configuration window, fill out all the required fields
  • Click on the Apply Configuration button to validate your entry
  • The configuration window is similar to the screenshot below

emergency clinic IVR aparameters   Once your configuration is done you can access your instance backend (The Emergency Clinic IVR Management Console).  From here you can easily add/remove working days for the clinic, add/remove doctors and remove appointments made by patients. Look at the screenshot below. emergency clinic ivr management console

In order to ensure that your Emergency Clinic IVR application is properly configured and that is is working, you will need to attach a number to your app.
  • Go to the Restcomm management window http://AP_ADDRESS:8080/restcomm-management
  • In the dashboard, click on the menu Numbers.
  • Click on the button +Register Number.
  • Click on the tab, Provider Number.
  • In the Country field, choose United States,
  • In the  Area Code field, choose the desired area code.
  • In the drop down Any Capabilities field choose, Voice.
  • Press the button,  Search Numbers
  • In the list of numbers, choose the desired number by pressing the button, Register Number
  • In the Friendly Name field enter a description “Emergency Clinic IVR test”.
  • Press the Register button.
  • In the Pop-up window, validate your entry by pressing the Register button.
  • In the Voice Request URL field click on the button to reveal the list of available apps. Select Emergency Clinic IVR .
  • Press the button Save Changes.
  • The newly registered number will now be available to use.


  • Start any SIP phone (for ex. Linphone)
  • Make a call to the Emergency Clinic IVR app by dialing YOUR_REGISTERED_NUMBER@RESTCOMM_INSTANCE_IP_ADDRESS:5080
  • Follow the instruction in the IVR.