About the Product

Your Automated Personnal assistant

Link your mobile phone to your google account and make it an automatic personnal assistant !

As a business owner, you can not afford to miss any call. So you give your mobile number to all your prospects and print it on flyers and may be on your web site.

Have you never ever been in a customer meeting and somebody calls you. You see a calling number on your screen. Will you be answering this call or not ? Who is calling you ? It is a potentially important business call or just some telesales trying to sell you something you do not need ? While you hesitate, you are defocused, you do not pay the same attention to the customer you have in front of you.

With Dynamease, set up easily a virtual private phone number that will look at your google agenda and make your mobile phone ring only if you are available. If you are in a meeting, your phone will not ring, but you will not loose the call, it will be recorded in your call history.

To set up your Dynamease with your restcom instance

  • Download Dynamease Restcom app and install it on your restcom instance
  • Register a number from the restcomm management console
  • Sign up for a free Dynamease Basic account on bengarden.dynamease.net/webapp
  • Click on the « My account » section and enter the previously registered number as the « Dynamease number », make sure your mobile number is also entered here and click on «Enable your google agenda ».