This is a step-by-step installation guide for applications downloaded from this application store. Further instructions can be found in respective application details page.

Step1: Download application

  • Go to Buy apps page and buy an application
  • After you purchase an application you are going to receive an email with a download link
  • Download your application

Step 2: Import application to your RestComm instance

  • Log into your RestComm at HTTP://YOUR_INSTANCE_IP_ADDRESS:8080.
  • Navigate to Restcomm Apps on the top menu of your page restcommpps
  • Drag and drop the download application binary in the Drop packaged apps here areadrop packages area

Step 3: Register number and bind it to your application

  • Having logged into your instance navigate to Numbers on the top menu
    RestComm Numbers
  • Click on the Register Number buttonRegister a Number
  • Choose between Provider Number or SIP Number
  • For Provider Number choose Country (for now you can only choose US), Area code, Capabilities and Type of the number you want to register .
  • Capabilities can be Voice, SMS, MMS or All together. Depends on your personal needs.
  • Type can be Landline, Mobile, Toll-Free or All together. Choose accordingly.
  • Once you set your criterias hit the Search button
  • A list with available numbers will appear
    search for a number
  • Once you have chosen a number click on the Register Number button on the right side of it.
  • You will see a screen with you Number capabilities
  • To connect your number to Voice application go to Voice Request URL
  • Click on the button on your right side and choose your application from the drop down menu
  • For SMS applications you have to go to SMS Request URL
  • For USSD applications navigate to USSD Request URLsearch for a number
  • Click on Save changes button on the bottom of the page and you are changes

If you want to register a SIP Number you should:

  • Navigate to Numbers
  • Click on SIP Number

  • Enter your SIP Address and Friendly Name
  • Click on Register Number button
  • From the drop down menu on the right side select an application to connect with this numberSelection_151
  • Click on Save changes button
    save changes

Step 4: Configuring your application

To configure your application you should go back to the applications page in the application store and follow the developers instructions


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